Trump’s WebSites For Sale


Its Our Planet!




Don’t let





with efforts

to save our

children’s future!

Consider using one of these


to deliver

your message!

Check Them out!

Some are linked to active pages!

Purchase secures the URL, solely.

Try Your Offer!


Now, in


order, other than a few

that have been

stylistically placed

in other,

supporting positions:

The URL’s

that are driving the

Boy-Man President,

his bitch,

‘Baby Bannon'

and the rest of

his misfits mad!

(chortle . . chortle  . . chortle)

Including, especially, the

“Trump Specific Types




Due President Trump’s

“Crime Related MeltDown”

and the high potential of

a near-future

“Non-Commercial Worth

being attached

to his ‘name'

I have added a few lines

to some of the following URL’s

in order that others might readily

see how such can be used

to motivate the world

to do what we can

to confront and limit


temperature rise,


To Duty.


The above and immediately below speak to and for America!  Wish to add your voice to re-affirm such? They're available for a reasonable offer.


Trumps gone mad! Quite Insane!

America is losing All of its gains!

HealthCare! And respect for all!

To Natures Needs: Hes broke the Law!

He’s lost the cue! Cant understand!

Hes a Threat To Uncle Sam!

Hes gone quite Mad! 

Beserk! - You know!

He doesnt care!

He has to go!

So . .

Its 'GoodBye Donny!'

You just have to go!

Choose the quiet!

End The Game!

Do So Now!

And, maybe,

help save

your name!


Or Suffer Public Arrest

by a supersize


The  . . rest . . my friends . .

I leave to you . .

go ahead  . . have some fun!

You know . . . what . . . you must do!


America! Send him home

to deal with his illness!


"Let it Rest."


. . . has a specific job function . . .

America MUST confront its

inner discord and agree to agree;

or face off in a frenzied madness.

What else can be said about the horrible mistake that America

made when allowing a mentally ill person to be President?

My view:

The above is what should be placed on 


memorial to

The WhiteHouse Whore.

Someone with a Samuel Clemens approach to life will

do well to utilize such for whatever special message.

describes what America must

confront and reject!


“Cuddle and Kiss"

Wee Donnie’s


as being done daily 

by a corrupt GOP

Psychiatrists / Psychologists

Mental Health Researchers

might appreciate having

a website that

accurately described

President Trump

while in Office.

Re: The Slap! as offered by Streep and

Striesand to the Fake President.

A movie could easily

be framed around

the caricature aspects


Trumps false Presidency.

(Its my belief that, as soon as

one specific person


the invidious possibilities

of that above list of letters

that I shall be rendered

at risk due the

non-stop laughter

roiling within!)


Look at what just turned up!

Wow! And it seems as if “a competitive / similarly named site" has lost some 80% of its advertisers! I wonder “who” sent the messages related to those “sudden terminations"?

Woe! The above is a serious offering with respect to the sombre realization that such was predicted, more or less, in "Brave New World” and “1984"

Is presently used to communicate the reality that political madness can prod a world of unimaginable destruction. However, I suspect that it could become a valuable addition to any wishing to start a Franchise utilizing That Tantalizing Title

for a special

“Table Topper Menu”


22319151309 50e00e733c c

Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey / Flickr

Mr. Integrity!

I have had a look at Mr. Comey. Other than his views with regard to such as “WikiLeaks” where he, in fact, harms the very outcomes he actually seeks (And which was previously addressed.); he towers head and shoulders, physically AND intellectually, over the self-destructive President Trump.

Here’s a URL that can be utilized by anyone whose political views and understanding are predicated on adherence to “Duty & Loyalty”.

Enough! Forward! Ho! . .  Go Ahead!

’Nuff said ?

My! Oh My! This can highly apply!

To Trump's lies and offers!

This is what the Koch brothers' efforts are leading to:

The “Crippling of America” and the destruction of ANY chance that we

might have to successfully confront the Non-Stop Global HeatRise.

“FoxNews” and their “Pre-Arranged Pap” prodded the above URL

Ticked off? Hate their crap?

Learn How To Hit! Learn How To Slap!


Hmmmm: A “self-descriptive” G’Bye Donny! Bye-Bye!(?)

Dang! This is the absolutely


that I have seen with respect

to the vapidity known as

“President Trump!” Gads!


A potential

“WorldWide Anti-Flight

type of site that helps reduce the amount of crap we put into our atmosphere at a rate of 80+ MILLION TONS each and every day!


Here’s Another Potential

“World Saver”:

However! Its NOT for sale!

I use it to help fund this effort to wake the world.

Anyone wanting to help develop this

need but contact me.


Yipperee! For our French compatriots!

Or anyone else who just might want to give

“The Orange Buffoon” a “makeover”:

Spread the word! / The Awful Truth!

Get wee Donnie so angry / mad

That he wakes in a Psych-Ward!

And thereby earns a medal for so

Protecting America!


Im seeking a partner for this!

As millions of 

“Paying Passengers”

shall appreciate an alternative to the crap

they must otherwise endure!


Where are your patriots?

Woe! As the reality of our situation spreads, worldwide:

Suicides are expected to increase to a point

that those who have continued

to pollute and harm our world,

should consider the possibility

that some, driven to such thoughts,

may abandon that desire


choose to Confront and Kill

those who refused to store their vehicles!

Its “TIME!” folks!

Everyone has to start “Thinking”

Folks!  Why are you hiding?

Who, but ‘you’ can save your children

from the non-stop Global HeatRise?

Who, among you,

will stand in defense of your Children? 

If not, why not?

Have fun! At Trump’s expense!

But . . hurry up!

As he may well soon

be unable to read about it,

unless the Prison Warden

permits him to have such material.

Wouldn’t it be loverly . . .

Yuge! Prezidente! Yuge!

To Trumps benefit: He brought them

out of the woodwork, and some

even hid in bushes

so as to not expose him!

ThatLoyalty . . to Trump.

However, the reality:

His SapSuckers” always get stiffed!

Shawn!  Yoo! Hoo!  Shawn!

Who dares adopt this,

make it their own and get busy

“Waking The World”?

An opportunity to Map

Trumps stumble into the

WhiteHouse WonderLand

of . .

Someone with a journalistic bent shall be able to run many scenarios with this.

How many such madmen exist in our world?

How many Rogers”, known to

The Groper In Chief”,

have been compromised by

association with that

Criminal, or The Fox Couch?

Which News Room of which News Outlet

fits that particular Descriptor?

“Russia’s Republican”? Yo! Mike Flynn!

Who could that be? Trump!

Show us the list!

A series of Serious Comment” could be based on this

and related, such as “The Torture Of Julian Assange”.

Unfortunately, signs of such are increasing, worldwide.

We must prepare for a very large rise

in the numbers of individuals

who collapse into a state of helplessness

as the extent of what we have done

and the threat posed of our

near-term extinction due

Our Prized Mobility

are made clear to all.

To help do so: Get


It starts with your community!


“Suitable Descriptor for Washington D.C. ?

This could well become the replacement for ObamaCare.

The Good News: We dont have to change the letters!

(RE: The Affordable Care Act)

That condition could change after

he’s removed from the WhiteHouse.

Lady Liberty, Lopped by the Loon

How many have his actions offended?

The idiot’s greed threatens the world.

And he’ll never abandon that color!

Ah! The meat of the matter!

Who can take this on and explain to all


we must store ALL personal vehicles?


“The Orange Buffoon understands the above."

And the billions to be made identifying such.

The Tales it could Tell!

And some, perhaps, helped guide Ailes path straight to Hell? Nah!

There is no Hell, other than the mirror of our lies, misdeeds and shame.

Woe! The Frying is meant for use by someone with time to draw the picture by which all of the “Outlying Input Potential” can be (And, probably, shall be.) readily and rapidly used by the system now causing the Global HeatRise, to prod a non-stop acceleration in the speed of that event.

This is offered due a poem written while living in that “Other World”: 

Sheep like humanity, howling as wolves. 

To evil deferring, destroying the good.

As foulmouthed cowards, wasting their breath 

Flashing fools fashions, ignoring the threat, 

Of a flash that will fashion . . . 
Humanity's death.

Copyright  Feb. 15, 1988

One suspects that the number of related concerns within that “Special Alliteration"could well be the basis of an exposition of our various failures, as a species that considers itself (Which is quite an achievement on its own!) "The Superior Sentient on the Planet”.

Wow! Anyone here who CAN’T come up with a story for such?

Paul Ryan! Yoo Hoo! Calling “Sap Sucker One"!


Ooh! Hello! Donny! Well! Hello Donny!

Its great to see where you belong!

Jailer: "Time’s up! Trump!

Get your ass back to your cell!"

(Produced due respect for their stance against “The Fake President”!

There is a companion award - above!)

A remarkable day!

May 19, 2017

Marianne Ny,

an aged and insecure

Political Prostitute,

Posing as a Prosecutor,

was forced to abandon

all charges against

Julian Assange!

(Which, by the way, were fabricated with

the help of two CIA Junior Staff Assessors”.)

The reasons behind the above have been explained

to Mr. Trump via

One suspects that the above will be

an excellent "Story Title"

about recent events in America!


. . . An opportunity . . .



“Trumped Care”

provides a reason

to reject the GOP’s lies.

And suggests the development

of a true “Health Care For All” system.

This can be used in a variety of ways to

slime the liars and phonies

that curse America’s fortunes.



This shall hurt!

woe . . poor

their “Hero”, with reason,

is being trashed!


However! The diminishing number of “trumpophiles” still command a measure of necessary attention by all levels of government for one very simple reason: If they have adopted their “Leader's characteristics", they can’t be trusted with “anything” and must be regarded with a disciplined objectivity.

The three immediately above URL’s fit the requirement for a public review of what made Trump do such a stupid thing. Each can be the special focus of some committed activist determined to help undo Trump’s mercenary  “Our Greed’s Necessary Fulfillment!” bullcrappy.

This is close to my heart! See my views at the site!

His “attempted Coup” has failed. The penalty?

Time, and America’s Judicial process will tell!

. . . will / should precede . . .

Mr. Comey, the Justice Department, the FBI and previous Trump “supporters” wanting revenge . . might be interested!

Having analysed Mr. Trump as much as the next guy, its my observation that, other than seeking “The SpotLight”, wee Donnie never so much as attempted to understand the “why” of his drive to the WhiteHouse, other than believe it was his by right of his super smart mind . . to help him gain access to “profits” via his “Resale” of the half-priced oil he shall secure via the emptying of America’s “Secure Oil Reserve”.  And to whatever he wishes to,  upon his presumed success, without regard for existing structure or practice.

(He’s quite smart, you know; says so himself!)

Ergo! He must have long ago

written the outline of that “Doctrine”.

Has anyone asked him about it?

Trumps fears? Okay! But! First!

Breaktime! Its going to be one long list!

In fact, its time for some hits on a Bong!

He has been openly / publicly identified as being (In order):

“A Presidential Prick” with a web-site with that specific identity, and:

“The WhiteHouse Whore”, with a web-site for that specific identity

now being developed, right after I roll another . . . Nope! Another Bong!

Trumpophiles are hoping that he is getting

some fun somewhere, as he seems

to be ready to throw in the towel . . . however we have . .

to contend with . . . &


One suspects that such

will make its way

into the negative lexicon as in:

“That’s DownRight TrumpSilly!

to soon be followed by:

That’s TrumpSilly!

Then . .


and when his name

has been muddied

a decade or so:



Great! This goes super-GREAT! with ‘


The above URLs  can be used in a diverse number of ways! (I was going to do the spiel and enumerate and identify them! Howevverrrr . . . after going through several hundred scenarios . . with “TrumpsErrors” alone . . . I leave it to “The Active Crew” . . to pursue at will . . .

Self-Explanatory! However!

A good and truly Loyal FBI employee

or similar supporter of “Law and Order!”

could, probably, use it to turn

Trump’s memory



Self-Incriminating Scribbles?

Sauce for Some Tasty & Tantalizing Tips?


containing signals,


non-visible to most,

of his

silently suffering

a rapidly advancing


First used to inform Trump

of the true nature of the

Climate Crisis,

his special madness


the critical need

to confront both!

Suggest that some “friend” keep

an eye on Donnie when he’s “down”.

Lest he . .  consider

negative options.

Is the one he draws on a daily basis whereby

he is “Pre-Playing his Defense, in Court,

after having been impeached

and found guilty as charged.

(That’s Trump’s “everyday” world! - He’s “Out Of It!"

attacking Kathy Griffin

for spurring a reaction

to a mobster that has cast,

for far too long,

the shadow of his

inflated EGO upon


President Trump!

Do the right thing!


OK! They might be

less than “acceptable”

. . but he does have . . some.

Its all coming down!

and removal from office!

Flying back at you . . wee donnie . .

as in piles of crap for your plate . .

Is Tar & Feathering a sufficient

punishment for “Treason”?


Coming soon!? Live on the

WhiteHouse Lawn?

To such as Comey,

Or his mate?!

Or that



as found in

“One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”?

How many lives has he destroyed?

I suspect that a few shall soon be shed . . .

I say again:

President Trump!

For the Country! Your Family! And the world!


No one wishes to see you

suffer time in Prison for actions

that you may well have been

unable to control.

Avoid Impeachment!

Make The Call!

You need but admit

you are too mentally exhausted

to continue your attempts

to ruin the country!

. . . might lubricate his way to prison . . .


perhaps closer to the current facts

of the matter,

lead to his immediate

near future resignation


health related purposes.


Potential Cell Mates!

(You first heard it “here” on,

"Mother’s Day"

this 14th day of May, 2017)

President Trump!

Don’t let false pride

lead you to prison!

You are Ill! Act on your Duty,

to Country, Your Family

and the World!



When The Jig is Up!

"The Tune" he plays should be interesting!

Ok! I can see him doing

The Old Soft Shoe

routine (besides Miley!)! As in:

"Lord! I Scream! Its True!

If Id have known Id get caught

I wouldnt have done it!

I wouldnt have done it!

Greed drove me crazy!"


Wow! So much territory! With pertinent points!

Should he soon reside in LeavenWorth,

do suspect that he'll consider other,

readily applicable forms of



Who will take on the pleasurable task

of building an app to do a


on the mind of our challenged


each time he nears a keyboard

without an ADULT nearby?


Your gods need assistance!

Is a “Visual Replacement”


"The WhiteHouse"

pending Twit-One's removal.


America is in dire need of Saving!


As does . . .

And maybe . . .

Someone can do it with:

to help all get ready

for the battle

to save

Humanity’s Soul!

or ‘Sanity',

as some say that these sites driving

“The Authorities”

to distraction and hyperventilation

with respect to their failure to confront

The Climate Crisis.

However, none of that matters!

It may well be too late!

But! Duty demands we


do our utmost to prevent

an unsurvivable rise in

near future temperatures!


Most of the URL’s

above and below

are related to prodding 


into recognizing and acting on

the suggestions as outlined at

and many of the active sites on

these lists with respect to attempts

to save a meaningful

future for our children.

The list below reflects areas

wherein much work remains to be done,

IF we truly expect to develop a society,

worldwide, where “Caring” is the most

cherished and valuable possession.

I have also included a few

“commercial type URL’s

of benefit to anyone in

a related business.


And some, of course,

that can be used as titles

for various books.


 . . . Could well be a high-impact title . . .

Who wants to start a special focus record of memorable tweets and such?

This sharp addition to the Library of “For Possible Activist Use” could be helpful in exploring why it is that we believe the lies of the past to such a degree that some of us actually murder our own children if they fail to accept assertions that Biblical and related statements are not mere tales, but sacred text! Wow!

Such is needed to explore our willing relationship with individuals, companies and nations that ignore what our Population Bomb has done and is doing to our Planetary LifeLine. (With thanks to Paul and Linda Ehrlich.)


As in the picture wherein


“BeHeads” Lady Liberty


. . . do we have a choice . . .


. . . the achievement, to take place . . . must be subject to a race . . .



(getting hungry . . . aren’t you?)



Britain's self-explanatory self-screwing

due overly close proximity to

Greeds Prized Altar.

However! If you have been "Brexed!

And Brexed in a thoroughly

abrupt and truly rude manner!



is for sale!


(This is what happens after Britain gets “Brexed!

I’ll sell the above two @ U$2,500.00 each.)

Can it? Can it ever!

This is a worldwide public need!

Local skills employment possibilities?

Necessary planning on how to respond to A Police Situation.

This is a great Open Door Invitation!" to a tunes bands!

- Due The Stench of Religious Acts, Wars, Lies & Beheadings -

Yikes! Talk about “Right for the times!”


dare you . . .

really . . .?

If ever you need entry to a large “Reader Base”, this is

“The Entry Tool”. Seriously.


Including Americas Potential Collapse

due the inability of Fools to

Inform Their Discretion"  &

A venue by which some dedicated soul can help

make sense of the madness posed by commercial interests.

The Source of Trump’s Troubles?

The source of his “tweets”?

This is “special”! If you “know” what such refers to;

or believe that you have an idea . . .

“C’est L'Communications En Plus!”


developed due . . .

as in . . (The ‘Other One!”)

Hmmm: Opportunity for some bright mind?

"To-day, we report that the feeding of the rich

has come to a dead stop.

Indeed, many of our wealthier citizens

have been found, impaled, in Public Parks."

Is a very special URL . . . as is

Rename your Yacht! Put some “Bite” in it!

Garbage In! Garbage Out!

Says it all . . . we must confront . . . our actions!

Seeking a partner for this and the one immediately below!

Due America’s awakening and the

recognition that Marijuana use shall be necessary / compulsory 

to keep everyone calm and able to deal with the Global HeatRise.


Ah! Close to the heart of all

who detest idiots and, especially so:

Corrupt Idiots!

Another 18 Million Associated / Related Titles coming up!

Plus 26 Million more from those denied healthcare in America!

Have a few ideas kicking around? Need / can exchange specific application help etc?

Times probably right for such. However, the possibility of a sudden & absolute madness breaking out when we learn that, in accordance with President Obama’s stated fear “We waited too long to act”, suggests that “any” venture be weighed against that now seemingly unavoidable event. (Pragmatism rears its head! And now applies to “All Actions”, worldwide! Sorry!)

Of Comey’s “Memos”,


is what led to


Trump’s Latest Front Page

"I’m sooo stupid!” has won him the

“Most Stupid And Awkward Moment of The Year Award!

Yes! Mr. President! You are that stupid! Please Resign!

Same investigation. Same result.

If the Arctic Ocean releases the estimated 5.2GTs of Methyl Hydrates into our atmosphere this fall (October / November 2017 - Due the Melt Rate), we should expect all sorts of surprises and unbelievable Heat Storms.

Who has it in them to “dissent”

when they know that few have

“The Parts"

 to step forward and help prod

the recognized need for change?

Hillary Clinton has my continuing support,

as does Bernie Sanders.

A Great Opportunity!

In combination with

Sounds good! And could be used as a

“High Recognition Name Sound!”

to start a Worldwide News Service!

What do we say to our Children

when we know that,

due our greed and absolute refusal

to store ALL personal vehicles

our children have NO future?

We’ll have to image quite a few as Children start to ask

“Why?” we failed to take action 30 to 40 years ago!

If we’re not

willing to do anything

about the

Non-Stop Global HeatRise:

Should we tell the Children?

Why are we preparing a

Hell on Earth

for our children?

To earn a smile” from such as Trump?

Is the ongoing refusal

to store our personal vehicles

“A Crime Against Humanity”


“A Crime Against Our Children?

Does anyone care?

Do “you” care?


Yes “IT” really can! Indeed! Can it ever!

Woe . .

our continuing failure to pay attention

and immediately store all personal vehicles

will soon lead to the

“Non-Reversible aspects

of that which we fear most:

"An Accelerating HeatRise”!

So! Can it be said that our struggles

to choose between

“Our Kids and Our “Cars”

have been resolved?

And we shall, quite simply,

continue the abandonment

of our children’s future

without further ado?

Dang! To be

in space and appreciating

“The StarDrive”.

Anyone thinking of starting an old-fashioned “Corner Post Office" operation where people get to lick (or not!) their envelopes closed and have a coffee / whatever? Personal view: It could easily be Franchised. It has

Good Visual Aspects


Social Impact Possibilities

Yo! With an associated “Ice Cream & Chocolates Shoppe”!

How can it be, so many years

after he offered such,

so many fail to understand

Power Corrupts!"

(confront it! always!)

Perhaps . . . we shall soon see one?

Will we wait until MidNight to cry over the loss of our world?

What should we expect of each other when,

suddenly, we wake and realize

we may have lost our world? 

How many, then, will store

their personal vehicles?

How many, then,

will help enforce such?

Another “Discreptancies Disaster" waiting to be told!

. . . has been offered to England to help it deal with the madness stirred up due Brexit. Maybe it should be made available to America to help everyone choose a proper course with respect to the now Life Extinction Event aspects of the Non-Stop Global HeatRise.

Golly Gee Whiz! Doesnt that just fill the bill with respect to all of the fools in the world who did as they wished, with no thought about the costs and consequences to others, until they woke in a Prison cell? Yoo Hoo! Donnie! Pay Attention!

“The Murder Of MonSantos Murderers” comes to mind as a suitable title to attack the rapacious greed of all who don’t give a damn about long term threats and adverse consequences to those who use their products.

My favorite!

Anyone with a super-hot

“Confrontational Actions”

storyline to have the film

industry improve its products?

Maybe such as one telling


especially the children,

that we



Gads! Putting aside the fact that WE pose the greatest threat to each other: We also face an accumulation of Associated Threats, including a strong “Near Future Possibility" that, as the Oceans heat and all the life within dies off, that the lack of oxygen produced by the plankton etc. WONT be available to supply us our necessary amount of oxygen with each and every breath!

Plus! Minus! Whatever! The gases thereby produced by a sudden massive ocean death and pushed landwards should kill yet more vast numbers! The good part is that when such happens, near such coastlines, large numbers will immediately DIE, and thereby remove their future potential as pollutant producers . . unfortunately, it shall be far too late, by then, to HOPE that such might permit us to be sure of our continuation into a much better, longer and secure future!


Start thinking!

Try to understand that no

“Purported PedoPhile”

would risk doing as I am doing,


possessed of a truly

valid reason to suggest that

we must  wake


all personal vehicles,

or accept

that we are destroying

any chance of a

“Survivable Near Future

for our Children.

Go ahead! Think!


You know what they are, will you help prod them?

You know what such is. Can you help others understand what is required, why, and how to get started on a path with some promise of our waking in time to successfully confront the Crisis?

Ergo! The need to understand such as

These are the underlying threats that are not yet visible to us. They are there, and we know why they are there, but we still have to understand how such as the slow absortion of heat into Ocean Waters has prodded a sudden acceleration of The Melt Rate”. That, in turn, due less ice and snow to provide The Albedo Effect which we relied upon to help reflect a lot of the Suns heat back into space; is believed to be one of the reasons leading to a slow but consistent rise in temperatures.

The major, associated concern: 

Due to such we face a probability that,

upon losing some 20% more

of the still available Ice Cover, that: 

(1) The accelerating rise in temperature

shall prod and embed a public despair; and 

(2) That such shall happen

in a stupendously fast fashion.

We have until Mid-Summer, 2018

as the time by which we



I not only maintain my stance!

I now suggest that it woud be


better for our future family

if we would



Look! right on the very next line!

Is a great vehicle to help promote the need to act!

Before its too late!

Unfortunately, despite

President Obamas

appeal to most

due his honesty

and superior intelligence:

Absent a continuous appeal

to Parents

and those who purport

to have kids and their safety in mind,

we shall not be able to get the vast majority

to think of their duty, to themselves,

their famiy and all others.

Due such, we shall lose our world.

Ergo, if you are still reading this:

You just might understand what must be done.

How can we achieve that?

What A Title! Yes! It Has Potential!


Anyone wanting to work with an effective title:

Contact me and we’ll see what transpires.

Such aside:

Considering the



that awaits our


if we fail to


confront the

climate crisis

posed by

the now


Global HeatRise:


Do We

Tell Them?

Hm m m m . . . 



tell them?


And tell them in time                                                                        to spur their parents into action?


If you understand

the nature

of the threat

we face:

Dare you

try to help

wake the world?

If so:

With respect to purchase

of any of the above URL’s:

The following procedure

is utilized:

Make your

offer to


(Most of the sites have a U$1,500.00 base price.)

Upon a decision

to purchase,

the agreed price,

in US funds,

is deposited

into the Bank

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