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The Ship of State is sinking. Its starting to go down! And soon, with luck, we'll hear that they all drowned! And we'll sing a lot of praises, when its proven so! Someone pulled the plug! As they simply had to go!


"The political lesson of Watergate is this: Never again must America allow an arrogant, elite guard of political adolescents to by-pass the regular party organization and dictate the terms of a national election.”  President Gerald R. Ford

Coming Soon To Local Headlines! 

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Buy them Mr. President! And consider gifting one to that shady no-good so & so who Snuck Past Your personal guidance memos to get the Job! Chuck him! And then tell him you’ll sign over that site upon his agreement to ditch his dives into “Vocabulary Hell”!

From a Post to IR Net on July 25, 2017 wherein the question at hand addressed the difficulties of disciplining a five-year old: 

Like a 5-year-old, Trump Just Name-called Adam Schiff

That is somewhat difficult to do when the whole of America's "Politics" is now guided, solely, by the level of Individual Greed at play among "Your Representatives".

Indeed! It is evident to ALL non-Americans that the MAJORITY of the GOP have OPENLY thrown away all commitment to America in order to feed the needs of their PERSONAL greed. However:

Wilfully denying Health Care to Millions in order to provide "Tax Breaks" to the RICH, will result, without doubt, in physical attacks, raids on "Public Offices" and vicious assaults in the streets upon those who so willfully deny "Poverty's Children" their RIGHT to health care as guaranteed to all individuals in advanced Nations. Such shall lead to the near future collapse of America.

Have the GOP NEVER READ about France and how the "Poor" resolved the greed of the Rich by giving them a few seconds exposure UNDER the BLADE of a Guillotine? Are they NOT aware that America's workforce can put several thousand such "Political Correction Devices" to work "overnight"?

To ALL members of the GOP: The days of "The Magnificent HallWay Screwing of The Poor" by representatives of the RICH in America's Halls Of Power have come to an end. One that might soon be memorialized via "Bones and Rags" skeletons hanging in nearby Parks.

President Trump, to recover his standing among fellow Americans and maybe, just maybe, “Save His Neck”; should act to bring such as "The America Cares Act" to fruition. A brief outline is found at

Other Politicians, especially Democrats who may be persuaded to help such come about, shall guarantee themselves a solid and long term rapport with all Americans!

I urge Mr. Schiff, Mr. Schumer and all Democrats to join in any such effort. And simultaneously URGE all Americans to remember that such IS their BirthRight!  


Posted to the Baltimore Sun on July 28, 2017

This IS great! Its quite Grand! The President's twits are soiling the land! They love to lie! Can't tell the truth! The Only answer . . . is America's BOOT! Delivered fast! With a will to hurt! Chase these Dodos back to their dirt! So say the Kids! So says The Band! Slap them SiiiLLLY! Send them faaarrrr from our land!


Posted to AlterNet on July 28, 2017

America! Americans! Rise Up! Confront the MadMen in the GOP!

DEMAND your Representatives install such as "The America Cares Act”!

Demand that America’s

Health Care Professionals and Health Care Organizations

be freed from having to

Kiss The Hand of INSURERS in order

to provide HEALTH CARE to fellow Americans!

DEMAND an END to the GREED that drives America's Politics! 

DEMAND that Your President be confronted

and informed BY Congress and The Senate

that he has NO more LEEWAY! 


to the childish display

of his egotistical needs!

THEN! When you have their undivided attention: 



and develop an


to have ALL understand

what we face due that


Get Busy!



Your Children's Future!

If you fail to so PROTECT their interests


from the ARM of The GRAB

as best practiced by the GOP:

Consider preparing your

Public GoodBye Messages

for display at:

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