The Climageddon Petition

The above statement is Absolutely correct!

If we need the 1% to help save us, so be it!

Now to help them rise to that need:

In order to confront

“The Climate Crisis”,

with NO room for “Half-Measures"

President Obama’s Message

calls on everyone, worldwide,



all personal vehicles!

Will you help that come about?

To participate:

Tell Your Friends and Family!

And share your answers with all known to you!

Please Note!

The goal of storing all personal vehicles

can be


- with or without the assistance of anyone In Power” -

Such is needed to stop Industrialized Civilization

non-stop pollution of everything

Before it leads to our extinction!

To Duty!

Help everyone understand what we face!

And that, if we are to ACT, it must be NOW!

Thank you!

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